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DALRC DL220 220mm 4-Axis 3.5mm Pure Carbon Fiber Mini Violent FPV Racing Frame dalrc rc diy fpv mini drones race quadcopter dl220 220mm carbon fiber frame unassembled support 1806 2204 motor 12a esc
DALRC DL220 220mm 4-Axis Pure Carbon Fiber Mini Violent Racing Frame Kit For FPV Mulicoptor Description: Brand: DALRC Item Name: DL220 Support Motor: 1806/2204/2206/2208 Support Propeller: 4-inch / 5-inch Carbon Weight: 135g Material: Pure Carbon Fiber Arm thickness: 3.5mm Others board thickness: 1.5mm Wheelbase: 220mm Size: 176 x 130mm Features: 1. Lens tilt adjustable lens mount 2. Lens mount with damping function (support GOPRO3 / 4, SJ4000, RUNCAM, MOUBIUS, 808, small ant) Get a carbon fiber lens fixed pallets (pitching 25 ) 3. Motor protection seat (with tripod function, nylon with fiber) 4. Multiple antenna holes on upper board and center board, convenient to fix antenna 5. ESC can be mounted on arms or fuselage Parts Recommand(Not included): Motor: 2204 2300KV ESC: DALRC BL20A Propeller: 5045 Battery: 3S 1600mAh/4S 1500mAh Package Included: 1 x DALRC DL220 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit
49.49 RUR